About Ziploxx

ZIPLOXX™ Hair Extensions are a game-changer that celebrates a bold new era of health, eco-awareness, speed, and safety in the history of hair extensions.

A Hybrid with Breakthrough Benefits. Long-Term. Short Term. Temporary or Quick Accessory.

With an eye to the future, Priel has created a breakthrough fast-track “hybrid” invention that not only combines the best of long term and clip-in extensions – it solves their many challenges. ZIPLOXX™ can be used for extended wear or as a temporary accent, and adds a new salon category that offers the hair extensions as a quick-change accent and add-on fashion accessory. All thanks the revolutionary way they are applied.

No Downside with Hyper-Speed:

Risk-free ZIPLOXX™ eliminates the perils of glue in hair, sewing or other heavier application methods. A full head of hair can now be easily applied within 5-20 minutes rather than hours, and a quick change made in seconds.

Worry-Free for Hair Extension Addicts:

For the first time in the history of extensions, ZIPLOXX™ is damage-free, comfortable to wear as well as healthier for the scalp and hair, its main priority. In the past, this has been a serious concern among hair extension addicts as well as new users worried about the risks of traction alopecia with extended wear.

Endless Zips. Eco-Conscious with No Waste.

This new weightless option can be used an unlimited number of times, thanks to the patented ZIPLOXX™ application system, making it an eco-consious option that eliminates any waste of precious hair. As a result, hair extensions now last dozens, sometimes hundreds of times longer than ever imagined as they are used and reused. They transform into an enduring accessory, changeable at whim.

Lifestyle Ease:

In another amazing first, fear-free ZIPLOXX™ stay firmly in the hair even when vigorously pulled, tugged, or blow-dried, all without risk to scalp or hair. Fear-free ZIPLOXX™ are also invisible at the hairline, even when parted or styled up. Wash hair without worry and even swim and style afterwards without concern.They will stay in place without risking health of scalp or hair.

About The Inventor


Inventor, Artistic Director and co-founder of ZIPLOXX, Priel is single-handedly disrupting the professional hair extension industry.

His salon credentials run deep and strong and range from stylist, salon owner, inventor and designer. His influences and initiation to the industry started early as an assistant at creative hotbed, the Oribe Salon at Elizabeth Arden to full-stylist at the exclusive Frederic Fekkai Salon at Bergdorf Goodman.

He has worked for Revlon as national stylist for new hair launches and events for Bloomingdales, styled hair backstage at Live with Regis and Kellie, and for Joan Rivers on the Fashion Police set. His celebrity hair styling experience has included stars such as Angelina Jolie to Katie Holmes. Priel has also owned several successful salons, in South Beach (on Collins Avenue across from Versace during the designer’s golden age) as well as in New York.

For the last decade, Priel applies his focus and force on a mission to invent, innovate and evolve new and better products, ideas, and technologies for the professional salon industry and their clients.

As a leading stylist working with every kind of hair extension throughout his career, Priel realized that although innovation had touched every sector of the professional salon industry, the many challenges of hair extensions had not yet been solved. Experiencing and observing many years of challenges with extensions, he applied his energy to reinvent the category. His goal was to come up with still another invention that made hair extensions healthier for scalp and hair, eco-conscious with less waste, faster to apply and remove without stress or risk to client and stylist, as well as invisible and challenge-free.

After 4000 hours of engineering, development and extensive testing with salons, editorial and celebrity stylists, Priel perfected ZIPLOXX™, a true breakthrough that has already been patented in the US and globally. And it’s changed everything.

The revolution is here.


ZIPLOXX™ is dedicated to an outstanding ownership experience and our extensions are guaranteed under warranty for 6 months from the time of initial application by a licensed Stylist. Every ZIPLOXX™ extension is packaged in a tamper proof, safety sealed pouch with a custom identification card.

Stylists will remove the identification cards from each pouch for each ZIPLOXX™ used and provide them to the client.

To activate your warranty, you must set up an account and register each identification card number.

PLEASE NOTE our care guidelines to help ensure the integrity of your extensions. Failure to follow these guidelines could void your warranty. Any dyeing or bleaching of extensions will void the warranty.