ZIPLOXX™: Your New Must-Have Salon Service Item

ZIPLOXX™ is designed to suit both experienced extensionists and stylists who are new to hair extensions. Due to its genius smart design, the ZIPLOXX™ mechanism offers a very easy application method, while requiring a stylist’s vision and expertise for quantity, placement and color shading. The beauty of ZIPLOXX™, unlike other extension application methods, is that you can never make a mistake that can’t be undone or will harm your client’s hair - it can always be adjusted. It is truly a risk-free extension application process.

Why is that important for your salon business? Well, today’s woman wants to lead a beautiful and confident life and her stylist is a key player in helping her to achieve that. According to Hair Extension Magazine:

“Hair extension services are the most luxurious salon or retail hair service available. It should be thought of as the most affordable facelift because fuller hair makes every woman look at least 5 years younger. In our humble opinion, most people don’t appreciate the luxury of access to 100% human hair whether for length, volume or chemical-free highlights.”

Salon owners today are more successful than ever due to the vast power of social media channels and their users driving traffic to salons in search of something they saw on Instagram or Facebook. This reality is the cause of thousands of bloggers and influencers introducing new products to the market on a daily basis, leading to an oversaturation of repetitive products.

ZIPLOXX™ has created a new category for all the bloggers and vloggers due to the simple fact that the last time there was innovation in the hair extension industry was more than a millennium ago. As a native digital brand with constant influencer, traditional press and consumer outreach, ZIPLOXX™ will drive traffic to salons via our customer engagement with bloggers, vloggers and celebrities due to the much anticipated thirst for new innovation in hair extensions.

The ingenious safe & smart design and ease of use for full head application or adding highlights or color flairs with ZIPLOXX™, sells itself and translates into Instagram gold.

ZIPLOXX™ is not an option when it comes to hair extensions – it’s the right choice for your clients and their hair integrity.

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