ZIPLOXX™ XXtend Dry Shampoo and Restorative Treatment

The patented ZIPLOXX™ mechanism locks in best on clean, dry hair. ZIPLOXX™ XXtend™ Dry Shampoo has been specifically developed to be used during the application or adjustment process. It helps prime the hair and scalp for the tightest, safest possible lock with the ZIPLOXX™ mechanism. It should still be used if hair was just washed and dried prior to installation as the scalp begins to release oils as soon as it has fully dried. Apply to each section for installation by first shaking the can and then holding 12 inches away and spraying.

Note - If you are installing on clean, wet hair, there is no need to use the Dry Shampoo as a primer.

Bonus - ZIPLOXX™ XXtend™ Dry Shampoo can also be used to revive hair and scalp between washes. It absorbs oil and odors, leaving your hair feeling clean and refreshed. It also contains special ingredients to help promote hair growth.

ZIPLOXX™ XXtend™ Restorative Treatment is a miracle in a bottle. Our unique blend of ingredients restores and revitalize your extensions and natural hair to keep both beautiful, strong and shiny. After each wash, generously mist onto towel dried hair. Gently comb through with a wide tooth comb to ensure even application and air dry or style as desired. And, we promise not to tell if you use XXtend™ Restorative Treatment even when you are not wearing your extensions because it makes your hair feel so healthy and rejuvenated.

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