Why We Call The Patented ZIPLOXX™ Mechanism Pure Genius

“When I sat down to get my hair done, he put out so many pieces of hair, I was like, OK, I need to go to the bathroom, I need to get some water because I am going to be here for 3 hours.  He was done in maybe 15, maybe 20 minutes. IT WAS INSANE!”
-Savannah, ZIPLOXX™ photoshoot model

Welcome to the future of hair extensions. Ingenious design that is Safer. Quicker. Easier. Better. In the time it takes you to watch the video below, Priel can apply 10 strips of ZIPLOXX™ hair extensions onto our model. It would take quadruple time or more to apply extensions using traditional methods like tape-in, glue-in, bonded, microlink or sew-in. Perhaps more importantly, the ZIPLOXX™ removal process is just as simple.

How is that possible, you ask?

It all has to do with the revolutionary, smart design of the ZIPLOXX™ mechanism.

Step 1:  Section hair as you would for a color application and prep with ZIPLOXX™ XXtend Dry Shampoo.

Step 2: Slide the left side of the opened ZIPLOXX™ extension under the section of hair and secure with your thumb.  

Step 3: Fold right side of extension over left and zip 2 sides together by gently securing together.

To remove, press left side with left hand to hold down and pull up corner with right hand. Gently remove the ZIPLOXX™ extension. It is now ready to be reused over and over.

The phrase GAMECHANGER comes to mind, doesn’t it?

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