Wonder Woman? Mermaid? Uber-Cool Style? ZIPLOXX™ Can Make All Your Hair Dreams Come True

Dance Party Tonight?
Zip in some 20” long Choix Copper Red and dance the night away.

Festival Weekend at Coachella?
Zip in some 16” Choix Aqua and stand out in the crowd.

Exotic Vacation to Bora Bora?
Zip in some 20” Superbe Lightest Blonde and swim, snorkel and walk the sand like the mermaid you are.

Just Because?
Zip In some 16” Superbe Brown Auburn and enjoy how SPECTACULAR you feel with all that new body and volume.

ZIPLOXX™ is not only a better, easier and safer way to apply hair extensions, it is also a paradigm shift for stylists and extension wearers and wanters everywhere. With ZIPLOXX™, anyone can change their personal look and style in a matter of moments without commitment or damage. ZIPLOXX™ paves the way for extensions to be as popular as hair color for customers looking to change or enhance their look for a few hours, days, weeks or months.

“These extensions, they’re so comfortable, it barely feels like I’m wearing anything.  They were super easy and quick to put in and it totally changed my look.”
-Taylor, ZIPLOXX™ photoshoot model

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