Choix Intermixx 3/20 - Natural Dark Brown to Light Ash Blonde

by Ziploxx

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A 10 piece pack contains 5 Ombre  Natural Dark Brown to Light Ash Blonde and 5 Highlighted  Natural Dark Brown to Light Ash Blonde pieces.


Each ZIPLOXX 10 pack has 50 grams of hair. ZIPLOXX’s Choix microband, at 1/12”, is 67% smaller than tape in extension bands. Choix microbands are slightly visible at the top but will provide a seamless finish when appropriately placed under hair sections. Our microbands are engineered from the highest quality, highest density material, and a microfilament is used to lace the hair onto them for extreme flexibility, durability and longevity.


Choix, including all fashion colors, are made from ethically sourced, 100% human Remy hair. Human Remy hair is the highest caliber of hair extensions as the hair, which has never been colored or processed, is cut with the cuticle intact and flowing in the same direction for ultimate softness.


With ZIPLOXX, women can change their personal look and style in a matter of moments(or feel free to wear for much longer) without the fear of commitment or damage as they are easy to apply, adjust and remove.


Unlike other types of extensions, ZIPLOXX’s durable design means they can be reused over and over, so they are a fantastic investment. Many women own as many sets as lipstick shades.

ZIPLOXX has been designed, first and foremost, to safeguard the health of your hair and scalp. Scientific research shows that leaving any extension in the same place for a long period can create stress on the hair and scalp and can even lead to traction alopecia. ZIPLOXX was created to finally provide a solution to this dilemma for women. Unlike tape-in, sew-in, bonded or micro link versions, ZIPLOXX is so quick and easy for you to adjust as needed. Whether you have your Stylist adjust them as part of a blowout service or learn to do it yourself, we recommend never leaving them in without adjusting them every 2 weeks as this schedule keeps the extensions as close to the scalp as possible, which is best for healthy hair and scalp integrity.


Adjustment Tip: Adjusting slightly left or right/up or down from the initial location each time helps maintain healthy hair and scalp integrity. 



As with any extension, care should be taken to keep hair tangle free and they should be treated gently during the wash, dry and style process. ZIPLOXX XXtend™ Dry Shampoo has been specifically formulated to complement all ZIPLOXX extensions.

ZIPLOXX™ is dedicated to an outstanding ownership experience and our extensions are guaranteed under warranty for 6 months from the time of initial application by a licensed Stylist. Every ZIPLOXX™ extension is packaged in a tamper proof, safety sealed pouch with a custom identification card.


Stylists will remove the identification cards from each pouch for each ZIPLOXX™ used and provide them to the client.


To activate your warranty, you must set up an account and register each identification card number.


PLEASE NOTE our care guidelines to help ensure the integrity of your extensions. Failure to follow these guidelines could void your warranty. Any dyeing or bleaching of extensions will void the warranty.

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