Warranty Registration Program

Congratulations on investing in the most innovative and highest quality hair extensions in the world.

ZIPLOXX™ is dedicated to an outstanding ownership experience and our extensions are guaranteed under warranty for 6 months from the day they are shipped. Every ZIPLOXX™ extension is packaged in a tamper proof safety sealed pouch with a custom identification card. Each pack of ZIPLOXX™ 

Stylists will remove the identification cards from each pouch for each ZIPLOXX™ used and provide them to the client.

Warranty for ZIPLOXX™ Owners

To activate your warranty, you must register each identification card number below. A confirmation email with your ZIPLOXX™ confirmed identification number(s) will be sent to you.

PLEASE NOTE our care guidelines to help ensure the integrity of your extensions. Failure to follow these guidelines could void your warranty. Any dyeing or bleaching of extensions will void the warranty.